For the implementation of the desired projects, we need support in the following areas:


Strength to invest?
Every grant counts. Our list of projects is long – the more funding, the faster.

  1. From a donation of 100 euros we can issue donation receipts.

       2. We are open to investor models


Would you like to help shape the future?
Every helping hand is needed. Contribute motivation and expertise. Learning is also possible without money.

with a passion for solar, wind, biogas technology, programming, electrical engineering, pedagogy, forestry, international collaboration ...


Ideas for networking?
Every contact, every experience is valuable. We want to help young people to develop across borders.

1. Internships

2. Student exchange

3. Apprenticeships

Wish list of projects

Integration of the following topics into the curriculum in schools by combining practice and theory:

Sustainable forestry

Reforestation of 10 hectares of cloud forest to save the cloud forest for fauna and flora

Biogas plant

Construction and operation of a biogas plant for the recycling of kitchen waste, cooking with biogas and production of fertilizer for the gardens

Drinking water treatment

Purification of the collected rainwater to make it available as drinking water

Solar plant

Construction and operation of a photovoltaic system for local power generation for own use

Solar thermal energy

Construction and operation of a solar thermal system for heat generation for own use

Wind power

Construction and operation of a wooden wind turbine for power generation for own use


Construction and operation of a test field for cooking with solar energy for experiencing the power of the sun


Development and operation of control applications for electricity, heat, water to increase the efficient use of resources

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