Our team


Klaus Lohnert

Klaus takes over the overall coordination and project development, he is the contact person for supporters. Since his energy economics studies in the mid-90s, it has been clear to him that we can do better! He wants to make a contribution to a more sustainable world and stand up for the next generation. We should let go of things that have no future. Then we begin to break new ground and discover new things. Young people deserve a future!

Monica Gutierrez

Monica is responsible for the development of Colegio Fervan, coordinating the implementation projects and networks. She wants to give the children and young people of her Colombian homeland opportunities, let them dream. During her studies and working hours in Germany, she experienced that sustainability is possible. Monica wants to build bridges between countries so that the transition takes place in all corners of the world and the world remains habitable.

Nick neu

Nick Bosch

Nick is deputy chairman of Starkmacher e.V., he takes over the donation processing, is a networker and initiator. Nick's motivation: We at Starkmacher e.V. open spaces for exchange, impulses and innovation, in which each person can contribute their strengths and ideas. Especially in global cooperation, there is still a lot of untapped potential. In cooperation with Colegio Fervan, we want to develop potential and enable new opportunities.

Foto Marion

Marion Lohnert

Marion takes care of our website. For her, a conscious and respectful treatment of our earth and all beings is a special matter of the heart. Therefore, she is always open to working on issues that support these causes.

Clara Foto

Clara Lohnert

Clara provided great support in the design of the homepage and created the beautiful flyer and certificate for the tree project.

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