Lighthouse Project

CoDe collaboration without borders"

at the "Colegio Fervan Campestre" in Bogota/Colombia

"Think big, start small"
What we want to do at the Colegio Fervan :

Planning SDG* pilot projects

For the development of implementation projects, we are guided by the 17 SDG goals. We want to remain flexible and tackle what is feasible. We have a first project wish list. Implementation depends on support (funding and available expertise)

Implementing pilot projects

In the implementation, we rely on: combining theory and practice. Integrate the content from the first to the eleventh school year into everyday life. We want to inspire children for sustainability and find opportunities.
The conditions at Colegio Fervan are good: 40 years of experience, freedom in decisions, a good network – we want to build on this.

Passing on experiences

Do good and talk about it. We want to pass on our experiences, we want others to benefit from our learning curve. We share our insights and results, are happy about every improvement. We support schools and companies in the implementation of projects.

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