"News from the tree" are sold out

We run out of space.

We are grateful that we were able to bring our first joint project to a successful conclusion.

The first planting campaign took place on 31.03.2023. On this day, the students planted 5 different tree species as part of a large ceremony. The first message from the tree reports on the tree species and gives an impression of the event and the curriculum. 

After a few months, the students visited their trees. You can find out what the students experienced in the second message from the tree. 


The last planting campaign took place in December. This means that the last available space on the school grounds has been planted with native trees. Every school day, the students can watch the trees grow and learn about the flora and fauna.


You can read about the experiences of grades 6 to 11 in the third message from the tree and watch two videos. 


The flyer of the project


Video with messages from the trees


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